I just couldn’t wait: Dad does unthinkable while his girlfriend gives birth

Car salesman Tariq Quareshy, 23, even asked the midwife if she wanted anything from the fast-food delivery service – and was still munching his burger when the baby arrived

A HUNGRY dad-to-be got Deliveroo to drop off a take­away at hospital while his girlfriend  gave birth.

Tariq Quareshy, 23, asked his mother-in-law to rub Cardine’s back as he ate a double cheeseburger and chips.

He told The Sun: “I just couldn’t wait.”

Tariq and Cardine, 22, of Leicester, wanted a home birth for their first child and midwives were on hand when her waters broke on August 30. But they had to rush to hospital when her blood pressure rocketed, getting there at 4pm.

By 10pm baby Aiyana had yet to arrive. Tariq was “starving” so he ordered the burger plus some buffalo wings “in case I was there all night”.

He said: “I asked the midwife if she wanted anything. She gave me an odd look.”

Car salesman Tariq, who took a snap of the driver outside the delivery suite, added: “I was tucking in as the baby arrived at 11.04pm. When Cardine came round I asked her if she wanted a buffalo wing. She swore at me.”

Deliveroo, which aims to get food out in half an hour, said: “We’re sure every mum-to-be would love a delivery in 30 minutes.”

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