Self-Made Millionaire Sinks His New Super Yacht

Self-Made Millionaire Sinks His New Super Yacht

Dubbed the “world’s richest idiot”, this anonymous millionaire had to watch the sinking of his $6.2 million superyacht.

The superyacht ran aground off the millionaire’s favourite Greek island, Mykonos. Local media said four foreigners were rescued unharmed after the large superyacht hit a reef at dawn.

Port officials have set up a boom to absorb oil and fuel, and launched an investigation into the incident

It’s a scene that would even bring a tear to the eye of any Russian oligarch, supermodel or top football star.

Footage and photos have emerged showing a superyacht, believed to have a market value of approximately £4million ($6.2million), sinking off the coast of the idyllic Greek island of Mykonos.

Local reports said four foreigners were on board the superyacht when it ran aground on a reef at dawn yesterday.

Photos obtained by Boat International show most of the superyacht submerged, with just its bow sticking out of the water.

None of the occupants were injured, and they were rescued from the sinking vessel and taken to shore, the Mykonos Daily reported.

The newspaper said port officials set up a boom around the motor yacht, which has a US flag, to absorb any fuel or oil that seeps into the sea.

Port officials have launched an investigation into the incident, which occurred as superyacht owners converge on the island to bask in the sun and take in the idyllic island’s nightlife.

Mykonos has become a playground for billionaires and celebrities, with Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, actress Lindsay Lohan, Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone, and singer Nicole Scherzinger all being spotted there recently.

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